Become the next Robotics Champion! Start training at a Rolling Robots Summer Camp

Think Award

Rolling Robots is extremely proud to report that our youngest elementary VEX IQ team won the prestigious THINK AWARD at the 2018 VEX Robotics World Championship; they were up against 400 other teams at the world's largest robotics competition and managed to come out on top! Congratulations everyone!

Looking forward, we hope to inspire more children to get involved in robotics competition for the upcoming season. This summer, Rolling Robots makes it easy for all students ages 8 and up to start their training with three separate paths towards competition excellence.

Want to join in on the fun? Summer is the best time to join a Rolling Robots Team. Our teams are by invitation only and we usually select the best students from our regular membership. During summer there is an opportunity to learn and prove your child's abilities to join a team by taking up to 3 weeks of summer camp. Depending on prior experience they should take a building camp, a coding camp and a competition team camp.

Summer Camp Options

Click the Icons below for more info and schedule of each camp.

First off, we recommend everyone (age 7 and older) take our Robots Rock camp. This is our onboarding camp that will teach the campers the basics of robot building and let them experience the fun of building their own robot.

Robots Rock

Students learn about structures, gears, motors, wheels, and the use of tools to build their own remote controlled robots with the VEX system.

Next, depending on age and interest, select one of the two following paths to learn more about coding and competition games and get prepared for joining our Competition Team:

Elementary School Level

The team is the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge. The fast track camps are:

VEX IQ Building and Coding

Learn to build and code robots using the VEX IQ system. Directed at elementary school level, students will build a robot and learn to code for several sensors. The robot is the same type of robot used by the VEX IQ Competition Teams.

Vex IQ Competition

Compete in a 2018 VEX IQ Challenge game. Students will build a robot to play the game Next Level. They will learn to code for the autonomous part of the game and learn to drive for the driver part of the game. Along the way they will learn problem solving and teamwork skills.

Middle School Level

The team is the VEX EDR Robotics Challenge. The fast track camps are:

Vex EDR Code with Robot C

Students will learn to program VEX robots in the Robot C Language (which is used in Robotics Competitions). Students will learn to implement motors, remote control, digital and analog sensors.

VEX EDR Competition

Build, Program and Compete in 2018 VEX Challenge game.